Using its own research and development, LANHIT® company produces more than 400  names of compounds about 60 elements of the periodic system, which can be used in the most advanced fields of science and technology:

- In the metallurgy of many metals and semiconductor materials;

- Microelectronics, fiber optics and optoelectronics;

- As catalysts in organic synthesis, the synthesis of organometallic compounds, etc.




LANHIT ® produces ultra dry anhydrous metal halides - the chlorides, bromides, iodides. The purity of the products range from 99.9 to 99.9999%, the impurities of organic compounds - at least 0.1-1 ppm, the water content, the OH group and the hydrolysis products - less 1-100 ppm. Most of these compounds are unstable in humid air and require special handling and storage. Ultra Dry halides produced by us in the form of crystalline concretions (fused chunks), powders, as well as in the form of substantially monodispersed granules (beads).


We can obtain inorganic halides unique analog low impurity elements such as: 0,01 ppm Ta (Nb) in NbHal (TaHal), 1-5 ppm Co (Ni) in NiHal (CoHal), 1-10 ppm Zr ( Hf) in HfHal (ZrHal).


LANHIT® produces a full range ultra dry and anhydrous halides and rare earth metal - chloride, bromide, iodide, fluoride.



LANHIT® produces compounds of rare earth - metal oxides, halides, carbonates, nitrates, sulfates, acetates, oxalates 99,9-99,999% with a purity of rare impurities, the content of other metals does not exceed 50 ppm.


We supply the nano-dispersed powders of rare earth oxide (particle size 25-50 nm).


LANHIT  produces a range of metals and metal oxides of high purity, including alkali metal (small packing ampoules under vacuum).





The products are made to order. Delivery time from 2 to 6 weeks depending on the amount of material and the complexity of its manufacture. Most of the material in amounts of up to 1 kg permanently available from stock. Anhydrous and hydrophilic compound are supplied in sealed glass ampoules under argon, other substances - in glass and plastic jars. The products can be packaged from 1 to 1000 grams or more according to your order.


LANHIT® was founded in 1991. All employees have a college degree in physical himiicheskoy region, four - candidates of sciences.


Founder LANHIT® company– Lev Alexsandrovich Nisel’son - doctor of technical sciences, professor, author of nearly 600 scientific publications and copyright certificates, creator working in factories and laboratories of technological schemes for the separation and purification of Nb and Ta, Ti and V, Zr and Hf, Rb and Cs, Sb and Bi, Ge, As, Hg, Re and others.